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RIQO is a power packed URL shortener that helps you to share your links easily and with detailed analytics track link stats

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Customize and shorten links using your own domain for impact!

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Use QR codes to amplify reach and engagement effortlessly!

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Personalize with custom slugs for effortless sharing and easy remembering for everyone!

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Simplify teamwork for smoother collaboration and better outcomes!

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Utilize advanced analytics for smarter strategies and informed decisions!

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Track clicks and get in-depth stats

Track the success of every short link and domain with detailed insights (e.g., OS, location, browser, top links) and real-time clickstream records.

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Easy to use
Shorten your simple or the most complicated URLs with just a click of a button
Honest URL shortner
We treat you equally whether you're a startup or an established company.
Awesome analytics
The simplest solution for short URL requirements is RIQO. Using advanced analytics, you can make wiser decisions.


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What is URL Shortener?

A URL shortener, also known as a link shortener, seems like a simple tool, but it is a service that can have a dramatic impact on your marketing efforts. Link shorteners work by transforming any long URL into a shorter, more readable link. When a user clicks the shortened version, they’re automatically forwarded to the destination URL. Think of a short URL as a more descriptive and memorable nickname for your long webpage address. You can, for example, use a short URL like Riqo so people will have a good idea about where your link will lead before they click it.

Can I ask for trial extensions?

We value our customers, but please understand that this isn't an automatic process. If you like, we can get you in touch with someone who might help with your request. Do send us a mail.

What are the perks of short URLs?

Link shorteners are tools that make sharing lengthy, complex URLs online easier. It's amazing how a URL's length or the characters used to represent it may have a big impact on how genuine it appears. If you've consistently copied and uploaded a link to your social media pages, you may be thinking that it appears too long. In this scenario, URL shortening services are useful. A URL shortener accomplishes what it claims to do. They abbreviate lengthy, disorganised URLs to make them easier to read. Enterprise clients' URL shorteners encourage internal information exchange among staff members and make it simpler to manage corporate URLs.

The right plan for your business

We have several powerful plans to showcase your business and get discovered as creative entrepreneurs. Everything you need.
Launch Pad
Suitable for small organization
$ 4.95 /mo
  • 250 Short URL Links
  • Unlimited Clicks
  • 5 Link Tagging
  • 5K Clicks Analytics
  • API Access
  • Link Expiry
  • 1 Custom Domain
  • 5 Tags
  • 25 QR Codes
Take Off
For 5-8 Members
$ 24.95 /mo
  • 2500 Short URL Links
  • Unlimited Clicks
  • 10 Link Tagging
  • API Access
  • 50K Clicks Analytics
  • Link Expiry
  • 5 Custom Domain
  • 4 Tags
  • 75 QR Codes
For 8-10 Members
$ 99.95 /mo
  • 5000 Short URL Links
  • Unlimited Clicks
  • 20 Link Tagging
  • 250K Clicks Analytics
  • API Access
  • Link Expiry
  • 10 Custom Domain
  • 20 Tags
  • 300 QR Codes
Space Station
Starts from $299 onwards
$ 299.0 /mo
  • Unlimited Short URL Links
  • Unlimited Clicks
  • Unlimited Link Tagging
  • Unlimited Clicks Analytics
  • API Access
  • Link Expiry
  • 100 Custom Domain
  • 500 Tags
  • 1000 QR Codes

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